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My 7 Seconds Morning Ritual Story

After our car accident, I ballooned to 263 and my husband to 331. My feet hurt just to walk on them, especially in the mornings when I’d first wake up and step out of bed.
My husband would get so winded climbing up the stairs or doing even the simplest of tasks around the house.
I would lie awake at night wondering if either one of us would even make it to retirement.
At this point I just wanted to be able to spend quality time with my 3 gorgeous nephews.
Nothing we did seemed to work……
…….and we tried everything.

morning ritual
Then one day, while I was waiting in line at the grocery store. I overheard a woman chatting about her recent transformation to another woman. Her voice sounded so familiar, and when she turned around…to my surprise it was my friend, Jessica!
She looked so different (sans facemask lol). As we got caught up about life in general, I decided to ask her what she’d been doing. She told me about a morning ritual she does every morning that she likes to call her simple ‘7 second hack’. Which is very easy to do.

At first, I thought to myself that “nothing could be this easy”, but ultimately after my husband and I talked it over, we felt that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.
Now, we’re both getting compliments from friends and family. And I can run around with my nephews without feeling short of breath.
I really do have to give a massive shoutout to Jessica. I’m not going to necessarily say it was divine intervention running into Jessica that day. But the universe definitely had our back.
Tap below to learn more about the morning ritual what Jessica shared with me.

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