Skin Tag Removal – Home Remedies For Skin Tag (Easy and Quick)

There are numerous home remedies for skin tag removal available on the internet today. I have done quite a bit of research into skin tag removal in the past. I found that many people turn to a dermatologist when their skin mole gets bigger. Although it can’t always be prevented, these treatments can be very expensive. They also tend to leave you feeling more self-conscious about your appearance.

What is Skin Tags

Skin tags are common benign growths of skin surrounding the skin. They range in size from a golf ball to about a grain of sand. Other names are acrochordons, cutaneous patty, cutaneous bump, follicular macule, follicular keratosis, corneal topsoil, corneal ulcer, crusted skin tag, follicular stomatitis, hook and claw skin tags, erythroderma, ingrown skin tag, leukoplakia, placenta, patellar platelets, and tunica vaginalis. Common skin tag symptoms include redness, irritation, tenderness, warmth, and occasionally itching or burning at the site of the skin tag. Skin tags do not cause pain or infection, but they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if present during certain activities.

A skin tag is formed when the skin grows too thick and protrudes out on the surface of the skin as a small bump. When these located on the eyelid or on the eyelids near the bridge of the nose, they are called versa. Other conditions that may form moles are referred moles, erythroderma, and ingrown hairs. These conditions are normally associated with other skin related disorders. So it is recommended that skin tag removal is done only by medical professionals.

Treatment of Skin Tag

Two common methods of removing skin tags include cryosurgery and freezing. Cryosurgery involves using extremely cold temperatures to freeze the growth. The skin tag is then frozen along with the surrounding tissue. Local anesthesia needed for this process because of the extreme temperature used. The skin tag that is affected by warts should not be shaved. It is better to have the wart surgically removed because it will heal on its own, but if you don’t, the treatment may not be successful.

During cryosurgery, the doctor will pull the skin tag from the area of the skin and then cut along the stalk. The cut is small enough to avoid too much bleeding but large enough to allow the surgeon to access the roots. The surgeon then uses a freezing device to freeze the area, and then he uses a blade to shave it off. Local anesthesia is required for this treatment since the skin in the groin area tends to be sensitive. This method can also be used on the eyelids and around the neck.

Home Remedies For Skin Tag

It is easy to remove a skin tag at home with many home remedies. It is especially important for people who have sensitive skin or allergies. Few of the home remedies given below-

1.Apple Cider Vinegar

One way you can remove your skin tag is to use apple cider vinegar on it three times daily. For best results, you should bathe the area in apple cider vinegar and then press it against the wart. Repeat three times daily until the tag is gone. Repeat if necessary.

2.Fig Stem Juice

Another method you can use is fig stem juice. Place a fig stem lose in a cloth and wrap it around the mole. You will have to continue to press the fig stem juice against the skin tag for three days. Repeat the process every day until the wart disappears. Before you rinse the cloth, you can put a drop of baby oil over the tag to keep it moist.

3.Aloe Vera Gel

One other home remedy for removing skin tags involves the use of aloe vera gel. This natural plant contains many nutrients, including vitamin A. This is known as an effective ingredient for healing skin irritation. All you have to do is apply the aloe vera gel to the area on and around the tag each day. You will begin to see results within a week. However, be aware that while this treatment is effective, it’s possible it could leave a sensitive area feeling somewhat dry. If you’re not used to using aloe vera gel, you may want to consider another home remedy for skin irritation that does not include the use of this powerful plant.

4.Castor Oil

Some people also use Castor oil and fenugreek seeds in their own home remedies for skin tag home remedies. This treatment involves gently rubbing some fenugreek seeds onto the skin tag each day. Keep in mind that the fenugreek seeds contain a substance that can cause an allergic reaction if ingested. If this is your first tag, or if you have just recently noticed them, you may want to consult your doctor before you begin to use any products containing these ingredients. Also, because fenugreek and Castor oil can cause a rash, use these remedies with caution.

5.Orange Peel

Another one of the many home remedies for skin mole removal is by using an orange peel. You simply take the inside of the orange peel and rub it against the skin mole. If the skin tag is irritated, you can try a few drops of lemon juice mixed with your warm water. If it doesn’t work, you may also want to try hot compresses. You should wear cotton gloves so that you don’t burn yourself or irritate the skin.

6.Fenugreek Seeds

Another one of the top remedies when it comes to tag home remedies is to use fenugreek seeds. There are many different brands and types of fenugreek seeds you can buy today, but most people use the brand called Fennel. What fenugreek seeds will do for you is to provide your body with an abundance of antispasmodic properties that will help to reduce the size of your veins and capillaries. When looking for fenugreek seeds, you should make sure that the package says that it contains high levels of iron and that it has been through a stringent process.

7.Tea Tree Essential Oil

One last home remedy for skin tag removal remedy you might want to try is tea tree essential oil. This essential oil is derived from the Melaleuca family. It has used for many years for skin irritation, soothing, and as a skin cure. You will likely find that tea tree essential oil is one of the most effective home remedies for skin tag removal that you can find.


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Are There Any OTC Products to Remove Skin Tag?

There are many over the counter medicines that are used to remove the skin tag at home. Such ointments are easily available in any store. There are many people who have used these medicines and are very satisfied with the results. But the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that you should be sure about the type of medicine you are using. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money. Always use the medicine after consulting the dermatologist.

Bottom Line

One of the most important things to remember when using any of the home remedies for skin tags is to be safe. Even though these remedies are natural, you still want to be careful. Try to avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals. It may be best to just let the skin tag alone until it falls off. When removing the skin tag, you don’t want to be poking and prodding at it. If you do happen to rip the skin tag, you risk causing an infection. To know more about Home remedies for Skin Tag contact us.


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