Remedies For Enlarged Prostate – 10 Natural Ways at Home!

Natural remedies for enlarged prostate help to maintain health. The prostate gland lies just below the bladder, in the male reproductive system. It normally lies under a structure called the capsule which surrounds the urethra. The urethra passes through the prostate and then through the bladder at times. Over time, the enlarged prostate may interfere with urine flow and that may lead to urinary incontinence.

What Is an Enlarged Prostate?

An enlarged prostate is a disorder in which the size of the prostate gland is larger than normal and can be either benign or malignant. BPH or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH), is an enlargement of the prostate caused by hormonal changes.

Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

What Are the Causes of an Enlarged Prostate?

BPH or enlarged prostate is a problem that affects millions of men worldwide. What are the causes of an enlarged prostate? There can be many causes of this condition including genetics, enlarged prostate cells, and disease caused by bacteria or viruses. It is not a good idea to leave BPH untreated because it can lead to more serious health problems such as kidney failure and even death.

Another contributing factor to prostate cancer is exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Some of these can come from detergents and other hygiene products that we use on a daily basis. These chemicals can irritate the bladder and can cause BPH to develop.

Another possible cause of BPH is a diet that is too rich in sodium and potassium. This can lead to kidney stones. This type of BPH is called hyperoxaluria and is fairly common among men who have already developed prostate cancer. You may have heard of the condition called “urea”. This is caused by excessive urine production, usually due to BPH. The urine usually contains more potassium and less nitrogen.

One of the many causes of an enlarged prostate is performing too much muscle relaxation during physical activity. It has found that by relaxing your pelvic floor muscles during physical activity, you can greatly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. This is why the average gym user needs to do pelvic muscle exercises regularly. A strong immune system also plays an important role in reducing the risks of BPH. Therefore, if you are able to boost your immune system you can reduce your chances of developing BPH or any other disease.

Symptoms of BPH

Symptoms associated with BPH include frequency of urine, having difficulty urinating, having problems controlling urination and staying urine inside the bladder at all times, experiencing muscle pain, difficulty starting urination, having sex on an unusual frequency, being overweight, and having low energy levels.

What Is Prostate Enlargement Due to Weakened Pelvic Muscles?

Pelvic muscles are the muscles that control your flow of urine. If the pelvic muscles weaken, you may not be able to control your flow of urine when you urinate, which leads to increased pressure in your urethra as it passes through. This results in urine that is cloudy and requires more effort to pass. Other causes of pelvic muscle weakness include menopause and obesity.

Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

The treatment of any ailment or disease involves getting to the root cause. A good example of natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate is the use of herbs. Herbs have used for many years to treat ailments all over the world. There are many herbs that have been known to treat bladder problems like BPH. Some of these Remedies For Enlarged Prostate include:

1.Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a Natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate because it helps block the production of DHT, which is a male hormone that contributes to the enlargement of the prostate. However, saw palmetto should be avoided by men who have prostate problems or prostate diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer. It should also be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2.Green Tea

Green tea is a popular natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate. There are many people who believe that this drink can help them with their health, including their prostate problems. Green tea contains catechins, which are known to have antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants can prevent free radicals from damaging healthy cells. In addition, antioxidants can neutralize the effects of some environmental pollutants on the body.

3.Uva Ursi

This is a plant commonly found in the north Indian area, particularly in states like North India and China. Uva ursi is a herb that has used for treating urinary problems in men for over 2021 years. It is also known to help women who are suffering from BPH and prostate cancer.

4.Fish Oil

Many people also believe that taking fish oil will help them fight prostate problems. Fish oil has shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce the swelling in the prostate. However, too much intake of fish oil may actually cause other problems, so it is important to get the recommended dosage of fish oil from your doctor. Also, it is best to eat oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, halibut, and mackerel, rather than fatty fish.

5.Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is another natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate. It has several health benefits, including preventing prostate cancer. Many people use flaxseed oil when they are cooking because its oil is easier to absorb. However, it is also important to remember that too much flaxseed can cause problems, such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. If you have problems with these, it is better to consume a small amount of flaxseed instead of a large amount of flaxseed.

6.Tree Oil

Another one of the natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate is tea tree oil. This essential oil is widely available in the United States, although it is not considered as strong as vitamin E and shouldn’t be used undiluted. Some studies show that tea tree oil does reduce inflammation in the prostate and may even slow down the growth of prostate cells. The best way to use tea tree oil is to use a few drops around the anal area and in the vagina. A few drops inside the vagina are also effective.


Echinacea is another one of the more popular herbal remedies. Echinacea works by increasing the white blood cells in the body. The increased white blood cells will help increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to all of the parts of the body. This is an essential element when it comes to fighting off colds and infections.


Nutrition plays a major role in keeping your prostate healthy and free from problems such as BPH. Proteins are the building blocks of most of your body’s cells. When you don’t get enough of those, your body can start to shut down. Some vitamins that are important to BPH treatment include vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Biotin.

9.Cernilson Seeds

Some of the best remedies for BPH and prostate cancer are herbal supplements, especially the cernilton seed. Also known as “manuka” seeds, cernilson seeds are loaded with essential nutrients like magnesium, chromium, folic acid, and calcium. A study conducted by the Center for Complementary Medicine Research at the University of Arizona College of Medicine found that cernilson seed extract was effective in reducing symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including impotence, lack of desire, and decrease in libido.


ProstaStream is a dietary supplement that you can purchase from its website. This dietary supplement uses healthy ingredients to specifically target prostate problems, which include saw palmetto, spirulina extract, pumpkin seed, granola seed, and ginseng extract. It contains all the nutrients you need to improve your prostate health. Many of the ingredients in ProstaStream are taken from natural foods or organic compounds. ProstaStream also offers a free trial along with detailed descriptions of the benefits you can expect from using ProstaStream.prostastream

Watch a Video Regarding Prostate and ProstaStream

Bottom Line

It is important to realize that no medication has been created that is suitable for all conditions. Most natural remedies take time to become effective. They can lead to side effects if used without the supervision of a medical professional. If you are considering natural remedies, you should inform your doctor if you have other allergies or other medical conditions.

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