Skin Tag Removal – Home Remedies For Skin Tag (Easy and Quick)

There are numerous home remedies for skin tag removal available on the internet today. I have done quite a bit of research into skin tag removal in the past. I found that many people turn to a dermatologist when their skin mole gets bigger. Although it can’t always be prevented, these treatments can be very expensive. They also tend to leave you feeling more self-conscious about your appearance.

What is Skin Tags

Skin tags are common benign growths of skin surrounding the skin. They range in size from a golf ball to about a grain of sand. Other names are acrochordons, cutaneous patty, cutaneous bump, follicular macule, follicular keratosis, corneal topsoil, corneal ulcer, crusted skin tag, follicular stomatitis, hook and claw skin tags, erythroderma, ingrown skin tag, leukoplakia, placenta, patellar platelets, and tunica vaginalis. Common skin tag symptoms include redness, irritation, tenderness, warmth, and occasionally itching or burning at the site of the skin tag. Skin tags do not cause pain or infection, but they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if present during certain activities.

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